Jayne Sterne Destroyed
Jayne Sterne is the author of Destroyed, a harrowing true life tale of sexual abuse. Jayne lives in London with her husband and four children.
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What is Child abuse? Child abuse can be broken down into a few different areas, it can be:

Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse

Psychological abuse

Most forms of child abuse involve all of the above or some of the above. Rarely is any one form of abuse used against a child. Child abusers come in all shapes and sizes and from a variety of backgrounds. Most abusers are known to their victims and are usually family members. We then have the institutional abusers who hide themselves in the Church, Care Homes, Schools, Scouting organisations and Prisons. There are also the loners that will groom children online to put themselves in the position to abuse the child.


Here you will find the daily meanderings of my mind. Please visit the blog for up to date news about our campaign to stop child abuse. The Jayne Sterne Blog . Guests will be posting articles on a weekly basis.

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